IBM Palm Top PC 110 Technical Specifications

CPU:Intel 486SX 33MHz
Storage:4MB flash memory4MB flash memory
260MB Type III hard drive
Software:PC-DOS J7.0/V
Windows 3.1J
Video:VGA/SVGA (SVGA requires external monitor)
Chips & Technologies 65535 LCD VGA controller
512K RAM, Japanese font ROM
Display:640 x 480 x 256, dual scan (DSTN) passive matrix
Colors:256 in 640 x 480 mode
16 in 800 x 600 mode (requires external monitor)
Screen Size:4.7 inch diagonal
Keyboard:89 key, JIS layout (similar to US layout)
Ports:2400/9600 data/fax modem
Telephone headset
Speaker and microphone for SoundBlaster audio
IrDA-compliant infrared
External keyboard and mouse (PS/2 compatible)
2 Type II PCMCIA slots (can be combined for use as 1 Type III slot)
(PCMCIA 2.1 compatibility required)
ATA Compact Flash slot
Battery:7.2V Lithium Ion, 1250 mAh
(NP500 series 8mm camcorder battery)
AC Adapter:input 100VAC 50/60Hz, output 10.5VDC 3A
Power consumption 1.3-3.0A, average 2.5A
Size:158mm(W) x 113mm(D) x 33mm(H)
Weight:630g w/batt715g w/batt+HDD